This platform is also known as “Little Red Book” or RED.  Its counterpart in the West is Instagram. It is a social network and e-commerce platform that is growing steadily in China.

One of the largest content creation platforms in China with more than 160 million monthly active users in China. It is very popular among the female audience, with male users accounting for only 30% of the total number of users.

It is a powerful Social Media to work with KOLs in China. Many potential buyers in China look for product reviews on Xioahongshu from descriptions made by their favourite KOLS influencers. Users can share text, photos and videos with the community.

At Zeumat Impex, we believe that every project is unique and needs a customized plan to its needs. We adapt advertising and content of this Social Media depending on the industry, project and company. We recommend to have a differentiated plan for each type of Social Media.





Monthly marketing strategy

Uploading content

Engaging with the audience

Building a shop within the application

Influencer management